Controlled Pyrolysis Oven Improves Repair Process

An important step in rewinding an AC Induction Motor is removal of the defective winding from the stator.  This is typically accomplished by utilizing an oven to raise the temperature of the stator to decompose the winding insulation. The motor winding wire is then easily removed from the stator laminations. Laminations are made from carbon steel and have been processed thru heat treatment and have an insulating coating applied to prevent eddy currents from moving from lamination to lamination.

Flolo utilizes a Controlled Pyrolysis cleaning furnace to remove the insulation such as cured varnish, epoxy and other organic materials from stators and rotors that need to be rewound. Ovens without temperature controls, as well as open flame stripping do not offer a controlled decomposing of the insulation in the way a Pyrolysis oven does. The temperature is controlled by utilizing a probe placed directly on the smallest part being processed to regulate the core temperature within 5 Degrees F of the set point. Should the temperature exceed the set point the controller turns on a water spray mist to cool the parts being processed and slow down the process. The set point is set for a temperature stipulated by the EASA/ANSI standard AR100.

All of these organic materials are removed without flame on the part and the byproducts that become airborne are incinerated in an afterburner to clean the air before exiting the stack. This meets the Illinois EPA clean air requirements.

This process has many positive effects including the prevention of heat damage to the insulation coating of the laminations as well as maintaining the design or pre-repair efficiency in the rewound motor. For more information on the positive effects of a Pyrolysis oven or to schedule a Flolo plant tour send an e-mail to or call 630-422-4914.

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Flolo Repair – A Ground Up Transformer Rebuild

Flolo’s repair group does much more than just repairing electric motors.  In fact, we repair a multitude of different items, both electrical and mechanical, including (but not limited to) gearing, electronic drives and pumps.  For instance, this 222kVA transformer was sent to Flolo by a Steel Mill in an obvious state of disrepair.  We tore the old unit apart and rebuilt it from the ground up using only the best quality materials.  This was one of a number of transformers of similar design repaired by the Flolo Corporation.

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2018 ABB Rolling Road Show

This is your Invitation to:

The ABB Rolling Road Show 2018 – The Drives and Controls Experience is coming to the South Suburbs!

The Drives and Controls Experience is an interactive showcase featuring the products and platforms that make ABB the global benchmark in drives, controls and automation solutions.

Please join us as we host the Drives and Controls Experience

Flolo and ABB Drives Specialists will be on hand to answer your drive application questions

Please RSVP to

Wednesday, August 15th, 10:00am to 2:00pm

Lunch will be provided between 11:00 and 1:00

DoubleTree Hotel, 500 West 127th Street, Alsip IL 60803

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Flolo HVAC Group

Your source for HVAC Repair Parts

Draft Inducer Fan

Searching for the right part for your air conditioner, like a replacement capacitor? How about furnace blower motors? Maybe a condenser fan motor for air conditioning units? Maybe you just need something simple like a fan blade? Or a blower wheel?

All these items and more are in stock right now at the Flolo HVAC shops in West Chicago and Gurnee. Both locations carry a large inventory of products that include: 


  • Draft inducer motors

    Small Single Inlet
  • Condenser fan motors for air  conditioners and commercial refrigeration units 
  • Blower wheels and fan blades
  • Definite purpose contactors 
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Circulating pumps & cooling tower motors
  • Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Mounted bearings

B&G Pump

The Flolo HVAC Group is the most knowledgeable in the suburbs and is the most reliable source for HVAC service companies and industrial users in providing the highest quality replacement parts for heating, ventilating and air conditioning units. Our inventory includes a large variety of replacement motors, including OEM specials, blower wheels, fan blades and contactors.

But that only scratches the surface of what our specialists can do for the HVAC contractor. Our specialists, Joe Jensen and Franklin Mitchell in our West Chicago facility have a combined 40+ years of experience and their product knowledge is second to none. One of our specialties is Cooling Tower Motors with Variable Frequency Drives.

Our HVAC commercial repair services include replacement of seal and bearing assemblies in larger commercial Bell & Gossett and Taco pumps as well as a fully equipped test bench to test small motors and pump assemblies.Joe and Franklin

The Flolo HVAC Motor Guys are very familiar with all these products and have the capability to help find the proper replacement for all your HVAC and refrigeration requirements.

If we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to locate it for you. Call Joe or Frank today at (847) 695-4799.

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On-Site Condition Monitoring


Downtime. Everybody needs a little downtime after putting in 40, 50, 60 hours of work during the week. What nobody needs, though, is the unexpected and unwanted downtime caused by a catastrophic failure of an important piece of equipment.

You can now reduce downtime and increase your productivity with onsite condition monitoring. Many companies currently use a broad route based monitoring system commonly referred to as “milk runs”. This method results in a lot of time wasted walking the plant to collect data. And a problem or breakdown can occur immediately after a machine has been checked out.

Onsite condition monitoring consists of selecting the most critical assets in your plant and mounting sensor nodes that monitor temperature, vibration and speed (where applicable). The data can then be accessed from the cloud either through Wi-Fi or cellular communication. For the most part this data can be accessed from any device.

So, how does it work? Flolo will assist you in determining the best candidates in your plant for monitoring. These can include your critical assets that have a very high cost of downtime; hard to read assets in remote locations or areas that present a safety risk for your workers.

Once the monitors are installed it just becomes a matter of collecting via Wi-Fi or a cellular network the information on vibration, temperature and speed (through the use of an encoder). This data will be collected and reviewed by Flolo personnel and partner with customer personnel. A baseline will be set for each piece of equipment being monitored and we will be able to determine when a problem exists and correct it before it becomes a major disaster.

The built-in software tools allow for alarms to be set and real time data can be analyzed. We will be able to analyze with built in tools:

– Real Time waveform analysis (like an oscilloscope display) of the signal from the transducer.

– FFT Display showing the frequencies and the magnitude of the vibration signal at those frequencies.

– A Waterfall plot showing multiple FFT plots on a time scale showing the change in the waveform over time.

– An Harmonic cursor indicating all the harmonics of the base frequency.

Contact your Flolo representative today to start protecting your equipment with onsite monitoring. Or call 630-595-1010 and ask for Customer Service.

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Flolo Electricman has returned!

I’ve been brought out of Superhero retirement to help our current and future customers in any way I can. Since Superheroes don’t age, I still look the same as I did some 40 years ago, for those of you who may remember me.

Maximum motor lead length when using AC Drives

All drives are limited with respect to the maximum motor lead length that they can support. This limitation occurs because the drive must supply additional current to charge or discharge cable capacitance. Maximum Cable length recommendations are different for different Series Drives.

The use of an output reactor is usually the most convenient and economical means of minimizing the possibility of motor insulation failure due to the voltage stress caused by the interaction between the inverter waveform, the motor cable and the connected motor.

Here is a series of Best Practices to help mitigate problems caused by excess lead length.

– Always use the lowest Carrier Frequency possible – higher carrier Frequency results in shorter Insulation life.
Example : 150 foot long cable Motor insulation life is reduced from 100000 hours to
25000 hours when carrier frequency is increased from 3 KHz to 12 KHz

– Use Motors that meet NEMA MG-1 Part 31 – with 1600 volt rated Insulation and
Insulation between phases.

– Use VFD Cable – ideally with Symmetrical Ground.

When selecting cable type and wiring methods consult the drive manufacturer’s manuals for their recommendations and the motor manufacturer for their recommendations. Longer cable runs may require an output filter dependent on the drive horsepower and the motor voltage and motor winding’s insulation peak voltage withstand rating.

For help navigating this confusing topic call us at 630-595-1010 and me and my Flolo friends will be there to assist you because our goal is “Keeping your future in motion”.

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Simalube Automatic Lubricators save Time & Money

Everywhere forces act, something spins or something moves creating the need for lubricants.

The Simalube automatic lubricator supplies every lubricating point with the ideal amount of lubricant – be it oil or grease – so that subsequent manual lubrication is no longer needed and maintenance costs are reduced in the long term.

No more manual lubrication

Saves time

Greater work safety

Hard-to-reach lubrication points are permanently supplied

Lower lubricant consumption

No under- or over-lubrication of components

Less wear

Less machine downtime

Increased machine performance

Sealed, dustproof and waterproof system

No more confusion of lubricants

Reduced risk of contamination

No contamination of lubrication points

The Simalube automatic lubricator is available in five sizes: 15, 30, 60, 125 and 250 ml and has a freely selectable dispensing cycle of one to 12 months. It has an unlimited range of uses and can be used in any location, even underwater. It can also be used at ambient temperatures of -4 °F to +131 °F.

Simalube automatic lubricators are the best and most economical solution for the continuous supply of grease or oil for periods of up to one year, eliminating over or under lubrication.

 For more information on the application of Simalube automatic lubricators contact your Flolo sales representative today or call 630-595-1010.

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MELTRIC’s DECONTACTOR™ Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. Their exclusive design allows users to safely make and break connections under full load and provide significant protection in overload and short circuit conditions.

Their dead-front construction and enclosed arc chambers ensure that the load is safely disconnected, and that all live parts are isolated and inaccessible before the plug can be removed. The UL & CSA Approved Decontactor design guarantees that users are protected from exposure to live parts and potential arc flash at all times while making and breaking connections.

Using Decontactor devices to connect motors and other equipment helps improve your bottom line by reducing equipment, installation, and operating costs:

  1. Improved safety reduces accidents, injuries and related costs.
  2. Faster change-outs reduce lost production during downtime.
  3. Plug & play simplicity improves maintenance personnel utilization by allowing electrical work to be performed more quickly and conveniently back at the electrical shop.
  4. Switch-ratings and short circuit ratings eliminate the need for expensive and space-consuming interlocks and auxiliary disconnects.
  5. Numerous configurations and mounting options help simplify the location and installation of ‘line of sight’ disconnects.

Meltric product features include spring-loaded butt contacts, silver-nickel contact material, dead-front construction, Push-Button Circuit Disconnection, Enclosed Arc Chambers and Spring-Assisted Terminals.

MELTRIC DS and DSN Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles, achieve rated watertightness of up to NEMA Type 4X simply by mating the plug with the receptacle. After the removal of the plug, rated watertightness is maintained for the receptacle by simply closing the lid.

For more information on the Meltric Decontactor product line, contact your Flolo Sales representative or call 630-595-1010 today.

For a short video on the operation of a Meltric Decontactor click here

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ABB DCX Rolling Roadshow Success!

On Wednesday, August 30th we hosted the ABB DCX Rolling Road Show truck at our new facility in West Chicago. By all accounts it was a very successful event. We had in excess of 30 customers come through the truck and get a personal tour of our plant.

We had a nice buffet of sub sandwiches catered by our good friends at Mario’s Deli in Bensenville.

Thank you to everyone that attended and keep your eyes pealed for news of future events and the return of the Rolling Road Show in 2018.

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ABB ACS380 Machinery Drive

Ideal for both machine builders looking to integrate a VFD without incurring significant cost and end users wanting to increase productivity without sacrificing performance, the ACS380 machinery drive is a robust and compact drive, with a power range from .5 to 10 HP, capable of handling a broad range of constant torque applications.

Application of ACS380 in the Paper Industry

The ACS380 features an intuitive control panel with an icon based menu for easy start-up and commissioning.  All essential features are built-in as standard, reducing the need for additional hardware and simplifying drive selection.

Bottling Plant
Application for the ACS380 at Bottling Plants

The machinery drives help you use only the exact amount of energy needed to run your motor.  The energy optimizer feature ensures maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply.  These modular drives easily integrate into machines and automation systems in many industries, including food and beverage, material handling and plastics.  The ACS380 is ideal for applications requiring accurate speed and torque control, such as mixers, extruders, conveyors, and palletizers.

Food&Bev Photo
Food & Beverage industry application of the ACS380

The ACS380 machinery drives are members of ABB’s all-compatible drives family, designed to simplify access and operation, optimize energy efficiency, and maximize performance output.  The purchase cost of a drive is only a fraction of the cost a drive can save during its life cycle.  Energy savings are achieved with drive control providing reduced maintenance and operational costs.

For more information on the ACS380 machinery drive from ABB, contact your Flolo sales representative today of call 630-595-1010 for immediate assistance.


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Flolo HVAC Group

What exactly is the Flolo HVAC Group? It’s a group dedicated to assisting HVAC service companies in providing the best in replacement parts for heating, ventilating, air conditioning units and refrigeEASA Graphic West Chicagoration units. We stock a large variety of replacement motors, blower wheels, fan blades and contactors.

 But that only scratches the surface of what our specialists can do for the HVAC contractor. The product knowledge of our specialists, Joe Jensen and Franklin Mitchell in West Chicago and Jim Janesku in Gurnee are second to none.

Both locations carry a large inventory of products that include draft inducer motors for heating units and condenser fan motors for air conditioners and commercial refrigeration units; blower wheels and fan blades; definite purpose contactors and variable frequency drives; circulating pumps and cooling tower motors; power transmission equipment including belts, pulleys, mounted bearings and gearboxes.

Repair services include replacement of seal and bearing assemblies in larger commercial Bell & Gossett and Taco pumps as well as a fully equipped test bench to test small motors and pump assemblies.

The Flolo HVAC Motor Guys are very familiar with all these products and have the capability to help find the proper replacement for all your HVAC and refrigeration requirements. Call Joe or Frank in West Chicago at (847) 695-4799 or Jim in Gurnee at (847) 672-2295.

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The Alternative to Stainless Steel

Sealed Surface Conversion SystemNORD nsdtuph

The industrial market has long awaited a product with a large range of standard reducers with the corrosive resistance properties of a stainless steel product without the excessive cost.

In response to these demands, NORD Gear has begun utilizing an electrically catalyzed process to create a uniform case depth protective surface with its existing aluminum alloy housing material.  Combined with a sealer, NORD’s corrosion resistant cleanable Sealed Surface Conversion system (NSDtupH) allows existing aluminum alloy housings to be protected with a base finish that is 6-7 times harder than aluminum alloy.  With its stainless steal hardware, optional stainless steel shafts, optional stainless steel motors and optional food grade lubricants, NORD NSDtupH is the optimal package for applications in a variety of incredibly harsh environments.

Useful in Many Harsh Environments (including but not limited to)

  • Chemical wash down
  • Damp and wet environments
  • Marine/Coastal
  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Car Wash
  • Dairy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Some of the Many Benefits

  • Cost effective alternate to stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chip resistance
  • Non propagating from scratches/blemishes
  • Highly Cleanable low friction surface
  • Non-porous
  • Lighter than stainless
  • Chemical resistant
  • Elimination of galvanic corrosion

For more information on this innovative new product contact your FLOLO sales representative or call (630) 595-1010 today.


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A Better Choice Has Arrived

Coupling maintenance and reliability should not monopolize your maintenance team. The Baldor-Dodge Raptor Coupling eliminates these concerns.

 The Raptor’s easy to assemble, patented split natural rubber element significantly decreases total costs of ownership and extends driven equipment life. Built for drop-in interchangeability, the Raptor features an innovative design offering easier installation, reduced maintenance, and improved reliability in a wide range of new and existing applications.

 The Baldor-Dodge Raptor: A better choice has finally arrived.

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Nidec offers Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Options

Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC), manufacturer of U.S. MOTORS(R) now has two offerings available for the water industry.  With the proliferation of variable speed motors in every industry, including the water industry, they felt the need to provide inverter duty motors with features designed to protect against the punishing effects of pulse-width modulation (PWM) waveforms generated by inverters.

In addition to being premium efficient and being manufactured with inverter grade insulation, all U.S. MOTORS(R) vertical hollow shaft inverter duty motors 15HP and larger now include a shaft grounding ring to short-circuit current that can damage bearings.  And motors 100HP and larger also include an insulated bearing to prevent circulating bearing currents.

Since not all applications in the water industry require variable speed, NMC offers new U.S. MOTORS(R) brand SINEWAVE OPTIMIZED(R) premium efficiency vertical high thrust motors.  These motors, from 7-1/2HP to 600HP, meet the new DOE efficiency requirements, provide a lower cost alternative to inverter duty motors, and provide the construction and reliability that customers have come to expect from the U.S. MOTORS(R) brand.

For more information on U.S. MOTORS(R) Vertical Motors contact your Flolo Sales Rep today at 630-595-1010 or by completing the form below.

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Motors for the Food Processing Industry

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or “Fizzma” has been the law of the land since 2011. The primary purpose behind FIZZMA is to prevent food-borne illness such as salmonella and listeria before they occur. Prevention is the key – do it right the first time!In every food processing industry there is a myriad of electric motors used for many purposes. It is, therefore necessary to determine which motors can and should be used in which areas.

There are three zones in a food processing plant. Zone 3 is known as the non-food zone or dry zone. General purpose open drip proof or totally enclosed motors will work nicely in these dry zones.

Zone 2 is known as the “splash” zone. This zone generally has no direct contact with food, however, liquids from processing or cleaning may splash on the motors. Motors for Zone 2 locations should be rated IP55 or better and typical features include a white epoxy paint, neoprene gaskets, sealed bearings, shaft seals, stainless steel hardware and removable drain plugs.

The most critical area of a food processing plant is Zone 1, known as the High Hygiene area. Motors in this area should be rated IP69K capable of handling high pressure hot water or steam rinse. Typical features include all stainless parts, O-ring seals, sealed bearings, shaft seals, removable drain plugs and a laser marked nameplate.
Baldor Food Safe Smooth Finish Comparison
However, not all stainless steel motors are made equal. Baldor Electric is one of the leaders when it comes to food safe stainless steel motors. As you can see in the photos above, poor grade cast surfaces can propagate areas for microorganism growth. The Baldor Food Safe motor on the right has a smooth surface finish with no crevices that can catch or collect debris.

This is further shown in the flanges pictured below. The one on the left shows a low grade finish but the Baldor flange on the right shows a smooth, Food Safe finish.
flange comparison
When specifying Food Safe Stainless Steel motors, not just for your food processing facility but also pharmaceuticals and any other process where washdown can occur, please contact your Flolo sales representative to help you make the right selection and assist in preventing food contamination.

It is also important to note that washdown capabilities extend beyond motors to gear reducers and gearmotors as well as drives and many other products.

Call FLOLO today at 630-595-1010 and let us help you select the right products for washdown applications.

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