Motor Life Expectancy

What can you reasonably expect and how do you optimize it? Part 1 of a 3 part series on motor life expectancy  As you would expect motor life expectancy is highly variable and dependent on numerous factors. Many motors fail prematurely due to misapplication and this series will discuss ways to avoid these and optimize... Continue Reading →

How Hot is Hot?

"My motor is running hot!" This is a common lament we've heard countless times at Flolo. "How Hot?", we ask the customer. "I can't put my hand on it," comes the response. Well, that begs the question, how much heat can your hand safely tolerate? The average human can handle about 140 degrees F depending... Continue Reading →

Motor Bearing Current Issues

Solutions at the Drive and Motor cables Part 2 of 2 part series on Motor Bearing Current Failures As discussed in part 1, increasingly motors are operated on variable frequency drives. This often results in premature bearing failure due to bearing currents. These currents passing through the bearings can lead to damage in the form... Continue Reading →

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