Motors for the Food Processing Industry

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or “Fizzma” has been the law of the land since 2011. The primary purpose behind FIZZMA is to prevent food-borne illness such as salmonella and listeria before they occur. Prevention is the key – do it right the first time!In every food processing industry there is a myriad of electric motors used for many purposes. It is, therefore necessary to determine which motors can and should be used in which areas.

There are three zones in a food processing plant. Zone 3 is known as the non-food zone or dry zone. General purpose open drip proof or totally enclosed motors will work nicely in these dry zones.

Zone 2 is known as the “splash” zone. This zone generally has no direct contact with food, however, liquids from processing or cleaning may splash on the motors. Motors for Zone 2 locations should be rated IP55 or better and typical features include a white epoxy paint, neoprene gaskets, sealed bearings, shaft seals, stainless steel hardware and removable drain plugs.

The most critical area of a food processing plant is Zone 1, known as the High Hygiene area. Motors in this area should be rated IP69K capable of handling high pressure hot water or steam rinse. Typical features include all stainless parts, O-ring seals, sealed bearings, shaft seals, removable drain plugs and a laser marked nameplate.
Baldor Food Safe Smooth Finish Comparison
However, not all stainless steel motors are made equal. Baldor Electric is one of the leaders when it comes to food safe stainless steel motors. As you can see in the photos above, poor grade cast surfaces can propagate areas for microorganism growth. The Baldor Food Safe motor on the right has a smooth surface finish with no crevices that can catch or collect debris.

This is further shown in the flanges pictured below. The one on the left shows a low grade finish but the Baldor flange on the right shows a smooth, Food Safe finish.
flange comparison
When specifying Food Safe Stainless Steel motors, not just for your food processing facility but also pharmaceuticals and any other process where washdown can occur, please contact your Flolo sales representative to help you make the right selection and assist in preventing food contamination.

It is also important to note that washdown capabilities extend beyond motors to gear reducers and gearmotors as well as drives and many other products.

Call FLOLO today at 630-595-1010 and let us help you select the right products for washdown applications.

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